29 June 2007

'Bloody' Birthday

Thursday was my 36th birthday, and I spent the day at work. I was actually rather pleased that nobody made a big deal out of it. The day passed smoothly, and off I went to the ski patrol's Outdoor Emergency Care final, to help out as a victim/evaluator.

Finals night is a good time to help out at OEC, because we try and put some more realism into the scenarios, and you get to see who the strong apprentices are. There's also more people at the pub afterward, which is always good.

James, a fellow patroller, also had his birthday Thursday night, so some of our patrol friends brought cookies and cupcakes, and even a birthday cake, which we shared amongst the crew who hit the saloon afterward.

I got to play a bleeder, which was really fun because we snagged a bladder/tube thingy with a little hand pump so we could have the full effect of dripping blood. It got a little messy, but it allowed the apprentices to get a feel for what would really happen when you have someone leaking pretty well. I figured out a way to squeeze the pump without the apprentices seeing it, so they'd be taken a little by surprise when their first pressure dressing got soaked thru. Worked pretty well, and I really played up the going-into-shock thing as best I could, since part of the scenario was to make sure the apprentice treated for that.

Mostly, they did pretty well, but I could tell some of them were pretty nervous. I remembered back to a year ago for my final, and that I was a little nervous, too. Just don't screw up and forget something basic, I remember telling myself.

It was good to share my birthday with James and a good chunk of my patrol 'family', but I did feel bad about not spending it with Rebecca. She got me this kick ass Bruce Lee birthday card that makes kung-fu sounds when you open it, and an 18-year-old bottle of single-malt scotch. She's so awesome. More birthday fun with some other friends, including R&K, is going on Saturday night at the Rose & Thistle.