20 May 2007

This Crooked Old House

Not a perfect corner in the place, it seems. One of the issues the F-i-L and I ran into while drywalling the laundry room last weekend was that you can't make any assumptions about there being right-angled corners or straight beams anywhere in the room. I don't have any 'before' photos for you, because the laundry room was also known as That Which Is Not To Be Seen By Guests. Here are a few 'after' shots. There were ugly cabinets in there as well, which we're not sure we'll replace, at least not in the same places. The back door couldn't be opened all the way because of the old cabinets, so we know there won't be any there...

Still plenty of taping and mudding to do.

Dunno why the previous owners chose to build this box around the ducting. The duct was a pain to work around, but we managed to drywall around it only using 2 pieces instead of the 3 or 4 I had envisioned before I realized we could easily disconnect the smaller pipe...

The furnace was a pain to work around. Here is some evidence of the crookedness of the house - the upper piece is flush with the doorjamb and the ceiling, but we lined up the bottom piece where the wall meets the concrete. D'oh!

One of the final pieces that I did myself Saturday. We couldn't put the satellite cable behind the drywall because of the solid block of wood above the door frame. The finishing touches will have to include some cable-management stuff.

Now some cute Phoebe pics to make you forget about drywalling:

The missus and I did just about nothing today. Some laundry, reading, video games, TV. I played some more Wii Sports, hitting 9 home runs (you get 10 pitches) for a total of 5219 feet during the home run hitting portion of one of my Wii fitness sessions, and then reaching the "pro" level in tennis. Played 3 baseball games (only 3 innings each, kinda lame), winning 8-3, 12-4, and 6-2. Even worked up a little sweat playing all the tennis matches to get my skill level up to "pro". Good rainy day fun.