31 May 2007

Stupid, Stupid Allergies!

This is why I want to ski every weekend in the summer. Not just the novelty of skiing so late in the year, but there aren't any allergens hiding in the snow. No sneezing, no runny nose, no stinking itchy burny watery eyes!!!

The Alavert has been working to this point, but the last couple days have been nasty in the evenings with the itchy eyes.

I'd rather have the runny nose and the sneezing, thanks very much. I may break down and go see the doc about a full allergy work-up. It may also be time for one of those gadgets that removes all the dust and pollen and crap from the air in the house.

Frackin' stupid allergiesgrumblegrumble...


Ryan said...

Damn. I'm so glad I've never been an allergy sufferer. They suck, and I live through them by proxy only (Kelly has 'em really bad right now).