19 May 2007

Ski D...Oh Wait, I Didn't Go

I should have. Was probably a nice day up there.

Woke up again to the awful upper back pain, but it worked itself out to the point I could be useful - after a long hot shower and some muscle balm stuff B got me. Instead of skiing (I'm patrolling both days next weekend, no biggie), I finished putting up the sheetrock in the laundry room, and swept it out. There was so much dust and stuff on the floor. Nice to walk around in there barefoot and worry-free - no more drywall nails or whatever lurking about. All that remains is taping and mudding all the rest of the seams and painting the walls. Maybe get most of that done tomorrow. Instead of spending the day celebrating closing day at Meadows. Phooey.

While I was doing that, B went off to some estate sale and a flower/plant sale with next-door neighbor S, who is a very sweet 50-something lady. They had lunch at the Old Market Pub & Brewery, and B was nice enough to bring back some beer from the place. They do their take-home beers in big Mason jars instead of growlers, apparently. I hate that - hard to pour out of them without making a mess. Anyway, B got me the Black Magic Nitrogen-Powered Stout. Super smooth, ultra-drinkable. No overpowering coffee or chocolate notes, bitterness was just right, and the roasty-ness was subtle, too. Very good stuff.


lands said...

Where are the pictures of your handy work?

Why pour out of a mason jar? Just chill and drink, it comes in a glass you know.

Ghost Dog said...

Didn't take any while we were working. I'll snap a few today probably.