22 May 2007

The Post Where I Heap Admiration On Cyclists

Decided to take a break from the elliptical and stair-stepper for today's workout and try the bike. Today was a leg day, and I decided to try the recumbent bike so I can't "cheat" with my body weight, so as to (hopefully) get a better workout.

I could barely keep going at 90-ish rpm the full 20 minutes. The Vastus Medialis in both legs was simply on fire after the first 7 minutes or so, and my glutes weren't happy either. 'Course, this is after a 10 min warmup on the elliptical and a series of sets on all the leg machines in our little fitness center. So I'm not 'fresh' by any stretch. Still...

I suppose if I were a cyclist, it wouldn't be a problem. But then, there's no coasting or downhills or leaning or anything with an exercise bike. So maybe it's more difficult. Plus there's the whole no-change-of-scenery thing. I suppose changing scenery would help keep me going on a real bike. That, and the need to get wherever I'm going and/or keep up with whoever I'm riding with.

Gotta hand it to the bike commuters, though. I don't think I could do it day in and day out. Got too much crap to carry to/from work, and playing games on my PSP would be challenging, if not fatal.

But it's definitely time to get my mountain bike dirty. This weekend, perhaps, after patrolling at Timberline.

Hm. Not exactly gushing admiration with that post, but you get the point. I hope.


brando said...

I read ya, lima charlie.

My little weak legs have trouble with the bike machines. My lungs too.