30 May 2007

Pay Attention - Not Just a Bosstones Album

Folks, please pay attention out there on the roads. Bicyclists are everywhere. As long as gas prices are high and as long as people care about the environment and their health, they'll be out there. The weather's getting better, too. Some of them are my friends. Some of them are your friends. Some of them are relatives, co-workers, acquaintances, or simply wonderful people you haven't met yet.

Read THIS and THIS and THIS. Support THIS.

Don't just pay attention after you hear about somebody getting killed.


Barkernews said...

Thanks, bro!
I'll try not to crash my bike into your car either!!!

NoPoGirl said...

Nice post. It's easy to zone out while driving- I am just as guilty as the next person. None of us should forget that a car can be a weapon, despite our best intentions.

Ghost Dog said...


I'm lucky, I suppose. Having spent more time in a helicopter than a car in the early '90s, I was forced into the habit of looking around for anything coming from anywhere. Bird strikes were a scary, scary prospect, and the nature of the job of being in reconnaissance puts your head on a swivel big time. You start picking out things that aren't easily noticed. I try to carry that ethic over into my driving.

But NPG's quite correct - it is pretty easy to zone out while driving. Although I've found that only happens to me on the freeway. I think I'm just too paranoid to zone out while driving around town.

lands said...

You might find this interesting, http://www.marknorris.com/SIPDE.htm.

I think our taking the MSF, Motorcycle Safety Foundation, course every couple of years has made us better drivers.

Good post.

Major Clanger said...

Thanks for the post! Did y'all see this article? It seems that wearing a helmet causes the cars to get closer... but also that 97% of cyclists who died in NYC were not wearing helmets. I think I'll keep mine on!

Broken Camera Guy said...

I even had my share in witnessing the aftermath of one bicyclist not wearing a helmet (see "News alerts, uggh!")