18 May 2007

F-Around Friday: Misery Loves Company Edition

I'm in pain. Physically. My upper back, between my left shoulder blade and my spine, hurts. A lot. I managed to have it spasm or something on me at the gym Wednesday morning and it still hurts. May have to get serious about dealing with it beyond some Ibuprofen and heat pads.

My right knee hurts a little, too. Gets stiff and painful if I sit with it bent for too long. Hurts when I bend it all the way, too. Oddly enough, there's no pain running, skiing, walking, jumping, etc. Dunno what that's about, but it's notchy and stuff, too. Probably meniscus issue(s) and/or other damaged stuff floating around. Might have to see about that, too.

Then there's my seasonal allergies. Thank Science for Alavert, I say. Citrusy dissolvy reliefiness. Aaaaahhh...

So what's got you miserable today? Join me in the whinery!


brando said...

I haven't had much success with the junior varsity non-psudoephedrine allergy. Everytime I start sneezing, I want to go beat up some meth user.

Ghost Dog said...

I know! Every cold season I want to do the same. Damn addicts screw up everything. I'll just have to go skiing tomorrow. Very few allergens in snow.

slOppyJoE72 said...

With all those aches and pains, maybe you're just gettin' old Ghostie? (kidding man, especially since I don't really know you! ha)

I had my ass kicked by allergies earlier this spring. My doc gave me a prescription for this spray stuff (I think it's Flonaise)..it opens up my sinsues, and with a Claritin I'm all good. First thing that has really worked for me...ever.

Barkernews said...

Awesome, dude. Sorry to hear that.
I've got two torn rotator cuffs, a broken big toe and an injured piriformis muscle (which is below the glute muscle.)

Hope you get better!!!

Ghost Dog said...

B-news: TWO torn rotator cuffs? Crap, dude. You win on that without the toe and the piriformis. Would love to hear the stories on all that sometime. Heh. And I am feeling better, thanks.

SJ72: It's cool. I'm pushing 36 and I can take all the 'old' jokes you can dish. :)

Major Clanger said...

Sorry to hear you are sick, Ghost Dog, that sucks!

As requested, here is my bad day story.... My miserable day started when I realized that I have lost my sunglasses ($200), Bluetooth headset ($70), iPod shuffle ($80) while I was on an otherwise good business trip to LA. It ended when I also found I had lost all my keys.

But then I realized I didn't loose the strange little talisman that I keep on the keys as I accidentally left it at home... then I remembered that I have a great life... so I stopped feeling sorry for myself. It was just stuff.

Hope you feel better soon!