14 May 2007

Drywalling Weekend

So, a second weekend has passed without a trip to the mountain, and I'm perfectly okay with it.

Okay, not really, but we had important things to do this weekend. In-laws visiting, the laundry room needed to be drywalled, Mother's Day. It was good to see B's folks again, and the ugly wood paneling in the laundry room simply needed replacing. The room itself needed a good cleaning as well.

Saturday saw all the teardown work and the bulk of the drywall work done. The unfortunate drawback to re-doing the laundry room was having to shut down, empty, disconnect, and move the water heater. Poker night at Rick & Brandi's place followed, with the missus raking in all the chip's by evening's end.

Sunday was time for the F-i-L and I to finish the challenging work of drywalling around the furnace, and re-doing an area above the main hot air ducting. Lots of measuring, re-measuring, marking, cutting, etc. The most annoying part of it was all the angles of the house that aren't quite square, causing some of the usual assumptions about the parts we didn't think we'd need to measure to be a little off. "That's why there's [drywall] mud," said B's Dad. By the afternoon, we were ready to refill and fire up the water heater. Some work still remains, but it's nothing that B and I can't handle ourselves. It's starting to look like a real room now, rather than a former-garage-area-turned laundry-room-afterthought.

We finished the weekend over at Jenn & Troy's place for a Mother's Day BBQ. I called my Mom from the car on the way over. I would have called earlier, but we'd been so busy all day.

My hands aren't shaking from the skiing withdrawal...yet...


LandS said...

Welcome to the DYI army. Measure twice, or three times and cut once or twice or ...

It has been said "beat to form, file to fit, paint to cover" That usually works for me as well as the mud and more mud. Oh yeah Painters caulk is also your new best friend. It will make most any joint problem go away.

Ghost Dog said...

I think we have some Painters' Caulk somewhere.

The best thing we discovered was the presence of a spare 20 amp breaker in our fuse box. Troy says we'll be able to use that for the jetted tub we want to put in the bathroom.

The worst thing we discovered was mouse poop.