08 May 2007

A Better Son Would Have Remembered...

...to thank his parents. I don't remember exactly when it was I finally started to like skiing. I like to think it was all the time, but the Parental Units have reminded me on occasion that was not always so. Hard to believe, right?

I do always think of them when I'm on the hill. Poor Mom and all her knee misadventures, skiing with Dad (and Jim) the day before my wedding, Jim and I tethered to them as kids going down the slopes at Smugglers', all the races they took us to, Dad's gigantic orange puffy parka to huddle under while waiting for my turn in the start gate, Mom making us ski team hats (I still carry mine, in my aid pack).

I wouldn't be the skier I am today were it not for my parents, and for the instructors at Smugglers' Notch and Bolton Valley, and certainly the coaches and my peers on the Smugglers' Notch Ski Club racing team. (Thanks also to brother Jim and pals Johnny and Olav, wherever you guys are, and Darren and Rob and Mike and Keith and Thor. Learned a lot about being quick on my feet and finding good lines in the trees from those guys.)

I would be remiss if I didn't also mention that the Boy Scouts, and later the Army, shaped a lot of my character as well. I have my parents to thank for the former, directly, and probably the latter indirectly. The 12 points and the 4 C's relate quite well to ski patrol.

With the two parental holidays upcoming, I should have thought to mention my folks in the previous post. Thanks, Dad and Mom.


leksmk said...

Thanks Mike. The parental units.