24 April 2007

Unlikely Addition To Exercise Regimen

What addition, you may ask? Video games! Crazy, you say? Alright, non-believers - I challenge you.

Rent or borrow a Nintendo Wii and play Wii Sports. Especially boxing, and if you have a competitive partner, tennis. Hell, even baseball. Then come talk to me about all the calories you didn't burn.

And I will call you a liar.

Unless you sat there like a loser and just waved the controller around instead of getting into it big time like the missus and I did last night when the Wii arrived. Then I guess you just suck instead of being a liar.

I know we're late to the Wii party, and we're usually not on the game console bandwagon, but B just had to have one and I wasn't gonna say no. But damn, this thing is FUN. BIG fun.

I'm sure we looked like idiots whilst full-on swinging the controller like a bat or racquet, or even winding up for the pitches in baseball. And punching the air with the controllers definitely felt kinda silly. But I'd definitely worked up a little sweat after boxing training, and the two of us were working hard trying to win best-of-5 tennis matches against each other. I think we played 6 or 7 straight games.

I was feeling it in the gym this afternoon. Note to self: no Wii Sports the night before arm workout day. Seriously.

Just remember to wear your wrist strap.