04 April 2007

Snuck Under The 170 Mark

Just barely, though. Weighed in at 168 today, the first time I've seen anything below 170 in a long time. After having apparently plateaued at 170, it's nice to see even a small movement.

I was worried this week that the slight tweak in my right knee from a near-fall on Sunday would make it too uncomfortable to work out much this week, but the first few minutes on the elliptical yesterday felt fine. Must have been the rest from skipping Monday's workout.

Today was my usual leg day, so I figured it would be a good test. After my usual 30 minute cardio session (again, no pain on the elliptical), I hit the leg extension machine first off. Felt good! The pain from the tweak had been noticeable locking the knee at full extension, but today it simply wasn't there while I lifted. I even did a little more weight than last time. Leg curls felt okay, but the knee feels a little notchy at the extension on that one. In fact, both of them have a 'catch' when I bend after a full extension, and now the right one is more pronounced.

There's probably some junk moving around in there that'll have to come out or be repaired. But as long as running and skiing feel okay, I'll ride it out until the offseason and see what the doc thinks maybe in June or so.


Ryan said...

congrats man. that's really cool, despite what the later post had to say about 171.5. It's still fantastic.