23 April 2007

Ski Day 25, Mash Tun, and Hot Fuzz

A shot of Bruno's lift from the parking lot, first thing in the morning. Blizzard!

Saturday was another patrol day at Timberline, yet again a tad understaffed. Fortunately, the weather kept too many people from coming up. Raining pretty well in town, but it was snowing by the time I hit Government Camp. Snowed all day on the hill, and at times the visibility was so bad that I couldn't see one lift tower ahead of me riding the Mile lift. Helped on one backboard case and heard another on the radio, but other than that, it was a quiet day. Well, except for the people getting hurt in the parking lot before we even had our morning meeting...

Silcox Hut, mid-morning. I was heading down the East boundary, thought I should take this.

Not a good picture-taking day, but I snapped a couple. Sweep was another adventure in pulling fog markers, but I'd wised up since last time and snagged a couple 40" straps to help keep the 'boo manageable.

Rushed off the mountain to hook up with our awesome pals Ryan & Kelly at the Mash Tun. Was a little disappointed to find that all they had of their own stuff on tap was an IPA, but a brief query about something that sounded cool (Abita Turbodog) revealed just what I think I needed - a nice brown ale. And it was just what I needed - a perfect supplement to great conversation with our friends. The food at the 'Tun was excellent as well. I think we could have stuffed ourselves silly on the pita wedges with hummus, if we hadn't ordered actual meals.

We'd told R&K that we were planning to see Hot Fuzz on Sunday, and after some arm-twisting of a rather-sore-from-helping-friends-move Ryan, we had tentative plans for the 4 of us to go. After a trip to the dump Sunday morning, we confirmed our plans and headed out.

I got us headed in the wrong direction from the Best Buy at Johnson Creek Crossing, and it didn't help things that we were both conivnced we were going the right way...until we got to Clackamas Town Center. Oops. We got turned around, and after some debate, found the theater and met up with R&K. Too bad there were some annoying folks in the seats near Ryan, but the film was great. Laugh-out-loud funny in a lot of parts, a TON of references to other buddy-cop films, and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were great again. It was loads of fun, and I strongly recommend it, even if you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead (shame on you!). Kinda can't wait to see Pegg in Run, Fat Boy, Run...


outdoorspro said...

Jeez, before moving to Bachelor, i pro-patrolled for two seasons at Timberline.

I truly and deeply hate those fog "lollipops" on the Mile. I really do. Sure glad i don't have to pull those things anymore.