14 April 2007

Ski Day 24: TCB @ TL

I thought this would be all of the mountain I'd see today. Until the afternoon, I was right.

Today was another patrol day at Timberline. After seeing it had been snowing all week, I expected we'd be digging out tower pads all morning. Then I remembered the pros up there usually do take reasonable care of things during the week, and they didn't get that much snow.

Michael B, spreading his wings on Stormin' Norman.

The drive up was mostly rainy, until I got to the Timberline Road itself, where it switched to snow. Looked like it might be a day like the one I had up there last May. Turned out to be, for the most part, from the weather perspective. We did get some breaks in the clouds, but they were few. It was snowing on and off all day, and the afternoon was colder up on the Mile than the morning. The wind was positively howling up there, too.

Oddly enough, I took this when the visibility was at it's best. Loved the wind-blown icicles on the sign.

Not much happened on the guest injury front, so it was a quiet day. I did help on a backboard case, and pulled the sled across the flats from the top of the Pucci lift to the parking lot to the waiting gurney.

Otherwise, it was tower pads, signage, and some 'guest relations' work. Had to tell some folks they couldn't sled on the trails, and then helped a lady find her son.

Illumination Rock. At this point in the day, you could see the summit. People were out climbing in the crap visibility in the morning. Didn't hear about anyone getting lost or hurt, thankfully.

The view from inside the top building of the Magic Mile lift. Kinda liked the way it looks like you could step off the door into a huge chasm or something.

Izzy and Kenny in the top shack of the Mile as we wait to start sweep. Kenny was trying to hide from the shot initially.

Sweep on Mile was somewhat interesting. I volunteered to pull the fog markers, and I think Izzy got volunteered to help me. At any rate, we were both carrying probably 15 sticks of bamboo with green disks on them by the time we got to the bottom. The eventful part (for me, anyway) was when I grabbed a stick of 'boo without a disk on it, to put it on the boundary. I had probably 12 fog marker sticks with me and I went to ski the bare stick to the boundary when my ski caught in the ungroomed snow on the edge and I crashed. Dropped all the fog markers. I got up, dusted off, and caught a glance of something green half-buried outside the boundary markers. Yup - the disk from the bare stick. I put the disk back on the 'boo, gathered it all back up, and skied down to meet Izzy and drop off the markers.

Okay, not a really big deal, but I had to write about something. I suppose I saved a poor green disk from being lost until the snow on the boundary melted.

The patrol was having a little party at the Summit Ski Area after 'work'. I dropped by and made an appearance, but I just wanted to get home.

When I got home, the missus showed me a package that had arrived from Colorado. Mark (a wedding photographer and ski patroller, whose blog I found on the Epic Ski forums) over at Sixpeeps and I made a deal to trade some hats. He sent me a Keystone Avalanche Rescue Dogs hat, and I snagged another Mt. Hood Ski Patrol cap at last week's meeting and shipped it off to him in return. My new hat arrived today (thanks, Mark!), and hopefully he'll have his new hat Monday.

Just a quick shot of the hat and sticker. Messy desk.

I highly recommend checking out Sixpeeps. Mark takes some really awesome pictures, and not just of weddings.