01 April 2007

Ski Day 21: No Foolin' @ Ski Bowl

Mt. Hood, from inside the RC. Note the reflections on the left side. Sorry.

Sunday was a thankfully prankless and injury-free day at Ski Bowl. I was a little concerned earlier in the week, as the Patrol Chief had called me up to tell me I would be the only volunteer hill patroller today. Turned out not to be the case, and I had plenty of good guys on the hill with me. The Planet Smashers seeped from the Sorento's speakers as I pulled into the parking lot at the patrol building and I wandered in to say hey to whoever might be there. Sounds like I caught the tail end of a good story about some drunken debauchery from Saturday night.

Anyway, the morning was crisp and cold - about 20 degrees - and no snow seemed to be in store for us as the forecast had called for. There was a couple inches of fresh stuff from the previous night. I got the assignment to go up and open the Rescue Center at the top of the bowl, so I went out ahead of everyone else and took care of it. I'm glad I had a couple guys show me what to do up there. Most importantly, I knew where the snow measurement stake was hidden, out in the woods behind the trail sign.

Top of the Palmer chairlift across the way at Timberline. Zoooooooom.

Sadly, it was. I suspect the Log Road is quite impassable these days.

It was another one of those less-than-structured days, so we all rotated in and out of RC all day. The snow was tough in the morning, as it had been warm all week, raining up there yesterday, and then it froze up last night and snowed some 2-3" of dust on top of it. I got all misty-eyed - I thought I was skiing back home. I made a bunch of runs with everybody all day long all over the mountain, but the best stuff was over on the west wall towards mid-day and into the afternoon.

I was getting compliments on my skiing from my cohorts, but also from the liftie at the bottom of the upper bowl chair, who seemed to notice I was skiing with a different patroller seemingly every other run. He was calling me "Turbo" and stuff like that, heckling me about wearing out my ski buddies. I was just having fun getting my turns in.

Nice shot of the RC and top shack from a spot on the west wall.

Anyway, my near-miss of the day was almost getting the call to do a courtesy transport for some scared skiers or snowboarders who couldn't make it down the hill. Sadly, the head pro patroller took them down on a snowmobile instead of me getting to run them down in a toboggan. Can't win 'em all.

Fellow classmate Dave, who finished up FRT with me, was also up today, and the poor guy had a hard time keeping his radio in his vest pouch. He lost it twice, finding it himself the first time. The second time he lost it, a guest found it and turned it in at the base area, so he ended up owing us a pitcher of beer. I suspect that'll be the last time that happens. I think if he'd been in the spring OEC class, he'd have learned his lesson - like I did - from NoPoGirl.

The day ended quietly, and we headed over to the Ratskeller for brew and pizza to wrap it up. Driving home, I reflected on what a bummer it is that Ski Bowl will be closing next weekend. There seems to be plenty of snow, but they can't afford to stay open when there are so few people going up there.


NoPoGirl said...

Crap. Now I'm getting famous for losing my radio? As Brian says, "Sheee-it". :)

Ghost Dog said...

Well, your fame will be overtaken by Dave's, most likely. He lost his radio twice in the same day!