05 April 2007

Progress Undone?

Not that anyone wants to be in my head (or would believe anything goes on in there), I'll share anyway:

Hey look - a shiny new scale at the fitness center. I wonder if...


Damn, do I believe this thing or not? The old one said 168 yesterday.

Eh, whatever. Didn't you say you weren't hung up on the weight? Weren't you the one saying, "As long as I can get into 34-inch waist pants and can't feel the love handles jiggling when I run, that's my real fitness goal. Not the weight."?

Oh yeah. That was me. Okay, fine. What about that post yesterday?

Yeah, yeah...so what. Just post something else.


Major Clanger said...

Dude. You look thin. I did a double take when I saw you on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Muscle weighs more that fat....could those 3.5 pounds be that?? You look good Mike. Dont let the shiny silver get you down.