20 April 2007

F-Around Friday: I Heart iTunes Edition

Besides bloghopping, crawling thru iTunes is a favorite time-sink of mine. You can find all manner of music, from just the thing you were looking for to nothing at all what you wanted. In between, there are often interesting mixes.

One of the interesting mixes I found recently was 80 songs from the '80s that have been covered by other bands. Go to the iTunes store, then to Music, then to iTunes Collections, then look at the section on the right called "The List". There's actually 2 '80s cover lists there. I checked out the " '80s Rock Covers" list.

I found one tune I thought was just awesome - Tom Jones and The Cardigans doing "Burning Down The House". Blasphemous, perhaps, if you are a purist-type Talking Heads fan (I'm not), but enjoyable. As a ska/reggae fan, I liked Toots and the Maytals' cover of the Stones' "Start Me Up" as well.

Have fun!


slOppyJoE72 said...

I MUST check out that ska version of "Start Me Up"...

Thanks for the tip!