19 April 2007

Belated Thoughts on the Virginia Tech Tragedy

I'd been kind of avoiding the news about the tragic killings at Virginia Tech. I didn't want to get too drawn into it, and there are smarter and more eloquent folks out there providing opinion and commentary anway.

But I did finally check out the NBC News podcasts the last couple days, and the whole thing brought me back to the fall of 1991.

I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas back then, and we used to go off-post for lunch from time to time. Usually on paydays, we went to Luby's. I can't remember why. Decent cheap eats, I suppose. For whatever reason, we didn't go there on the 15th as usual, so the next day - Tuesday, October 16th - the discussion came up about whether or not to go. We chose instead to go to a nearby mall, but I forget where we ended up eating.

We weren't far from Luby's when the massacre occurred, but we didn't hear about it until the afternoon. I can only imagine what those involved endured, and all I can remember is thinking 'Holy shit...lucky us...'

I remember struggling to make sense of it. And I think we lost some soldiers in that mess. But I don't remember how it really affected me, or for how long. I wonder if I just buried it, or maybe I was more concerned with my brother being deployed to Desert Shield/Storm.

As for the current tragedy, my thoughts are with the families of the victims, and the entire Virginia Tech community. Most of us are fortunate enough to only have to imagine what it would be like to be directly affected by something like that.

I never went back to Luby's after it re-opened. I don't think any of my friends did, either.


Barkernews said...

That's crazy.

As for Lubys...
I used to live in Texas and my parents took me to Lubys in Dallas all the time. I loved the pie and the mac and cheese.

I hope I never set foot in one of those places again...

Ryan said...

Damn dude. That's messed up. I don't remember hearing about it here, either.

Then again, I was in high school, still 17 at the time. It may have made the local news, but I was too focused on some girl who sat across from me in Art class.