04 April 2007

Battlin' Buccos Off To Promising Start

As a Pirates fan, it's been a challenge to find bright spots in the team's performance the last 14 (losing) seasons. Only a handful of All-Star-caliber players, a few brilliant individual performances, some huge comeback wins, and some promising young talent. But mostly, "well, there's always next year."

So a 2-0 start isn't usually something to get excited about. They started out 4-0 in 2003, and got nowhere.

But both wins thus far have shown me a team that is winning the close games they used to lose all the time. Decent starting pitching (Snell was brilliant last night, striking out 11), some late heroics on offense, timely and often stellar defense, and the 'pen has been lights-out.

It's still too early for unbridled optimism, but I can't help this feeling that they might just finish above .500 for the first time since before The Daily Show debuted. The Bucs are coming to Seattle in mid-June, and I'm going.

Let's go Bucs!