20 March 2007

Why I Don't Like Skipping A Week Of Workouts

Two more sprint intervals remained, the next one 1:49 away. I'd dialed it up a little today, since I was feeling pretty good after stretching and the first couple intervals were feeling easy. AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" begain playing on my iPod.

Nice, I thought. It'll really start kicking in just about the time I start my next sprint.

The seconds ticked away, and with about 0:05 left before the sprint, I started picking up the pace, from 178 strides/min to about 200. Up to 220 around the time when the elliptical ramp started moving up to setting 10 from 4. C'mon, kid, let's go. Two-fifty. Another 20 strides/min faster than the last couple ain't gonna kill ya.

I picked up the pace, checking the timer and the heart monitor. 1:30 left on the sprint, 168 bpm and then it blinked off. Damn thing's always doing that. Flashed on again a little later, 172. Nice. Keep working.

Then I felt it - that too-familiar pain between the shoulder blades. Dammit, was I pushing my head forward again? I was. Crap. Gonna have a stiff neck all week now. Why does this keep happening?
Finished my workout anyway. No pain, no gain, they say.

That's what I get for slacking off last week. Serves me right, I suppose.


Burned a bunch of calories today, though, so it's not all bad.