22 March 2007

Spring Break

I don't have the stories most people do about Spring Break. Never went anywhere warm and sunny to party with a bunch of other kids my age and act stupid. Every break from school that I can remember was spent skiing if there was snow. Race-training mid-week was fun, and our coaches often let us free-ski more than usual. I'm not sure my parents ever gave any thought to going anywhere special, and I don't feel bad about that in the least. Staying around to ski in Vermont was perfectly fine by me.

Not having gone to college, I didn't get the usual spring break drunken debauchery rituals, but wherever I was stationed in the Army, we partied well enough when the chances came. Germany was particularly awesome, as there were festivals and stuff, and gorgeous country to go see and play in. We did plenty of dumb crap in our barracks parties, like blowing up 2-liter pop bottles with dry ice.

These days, I don't have any real reason for taking a spring break. No school-aged kids to take to Disneyland/world, No job in the education system to escape from, nothing.

Well, almost nothing. I'm taking a whole day off - Thursday - to go patrol up at Timberline, since the ski patrol will need the help.

Besides, next year I get to take a 2-month spring break. What to do...where to go...