18 March 2007

Ski Day 18: The Rest Of The Story

Mt. Hood, from Hanna Ridge at Ski Bowl. No, I really don't get tired of shooting that mountain...

So, the update, as promised...

Saturday was looking good all the way up to the mountain - sunny, warm. I had to stop at the patrol building in Government Camp to meet up with the 5 other apprentices that would be doing First Responder today, as well as our trainers. We gathered, grabbed our gear, and headed over to Summit Ski Area - a tiny area with one chairlift and a rope tow.

The Mark & Dave Show - our trainers for the day explain what we're about to do.

The rope tow at Summit. As rinky-dink as the area looks/is, they have a decent groomer cat (background).

We got right into it, after getting all the stuff we needed on the hill - backboards, a sled, sled packs, O2 tank, etc. My first scenario was a dislocated shoulder, and the only thing I could have done better was remember to ask the patroller who brought the sled to lock the handles. Normally, I probably wouldn't have to do that, but my 'backup' was Jenn, who is an associate and doesn't run sleds. No big deal - she's not used to sled-handling. I should also have taken vitals before calling the first aid room, but I realized it just after I keyed the radio and saved it with a "stand by for vitals" line.

Dave and Rick 'treat' Izzy, with trainer Dave as a 'bystander' helping out.

MJ assesses Jenn, who hammed up a hip injury. I actually skied the sled the 10 feet down to them.

We all got the chance to play patient, too, and I got one I didn't get last year - a mid-shaft femur fracture. I'm not a big fan of being put in a traction splint, but Jenn and MJ did a fine job. Everyone did well today, and all six of us passed. Congrats, Jenn, Izzy, Dave, Rick, and MJ! After the wrap-up, we discussed about where to finish the day. The folks who didn't have to leave went to Timberline, and I decided to got to Ski Bowl, since they were also thin on numbers. Some of us hadn't been to Summit before, so we got the nickel tour from Dave, one of our trainers.

Much too pleased to have a mid-shaft femur fracture.

I'm pretty sure Izzy's thumbs-up are due to a successful scenario completion.

After that, I packed a bunch of the equipment up to take back to the patrol building. I was thinking I'd drop it off and then head over to Ski Bowl to help out over there. I got about halfway there when I realized it didn't make sense to do that, and went straight to the Bowl.

I ran into a couple patrollers at the east side aid room, went and drew a radio, and headed for the Multorpor lift. On the way, I radioed the hill captain to see where I was needed. He had me come up to RC and hang out for a bit. I chatted with the guys for a bit, then took a run with the hill captain out in the outback. It was good to get in some turns, and I snapped a few photos on the way.

This week's 'Hi Mom' moment, from the upper bowl chair. Note the red apprentice cap replaced with a regular MHSP hat.

Top of the Magic Mile lift (far left) at Timberline, shot from Ski Bowl. Just had to see what the 10x zoom on the new camera could do.

MHSP vice-prez and hill captain of the day Joel poses on our way down to Gunsight Notch. He's got an interesting story about some of the trail names, including Ruins of Bruun...

After a couple runs and happily accepting the congratulations from the patrollers I was skiing with, Barkernews showed up as we were getting into the lift line at the upper bowl chair. He'd been over on Cascade, and was called over to help with the Outback sweep. We ended up not needing to do it, as the head pro patroller radioed that the night crew would take care of it. We went and skied it anyway. I was thinking I'd take some action shots and/or video of the guys ripping it up, but I was having too much fun skiing to want to stop and shoot. We had a nice run out there and headed back to the Palace.

Toby, rock star patroller. An all-around good guy and a good sled coach.

B-news, chatting and chilling while we wait for the rest of our Outback Rat Pack.

I'd had a grin on my face all afternoon, and it didn't fade the whole way home from the mountain.

It didn't fade the whole time I jogged from the house to the MAX, nor on the train ride to Lloyd Center, nor the walk/jog from Lloyd Center to the Rose & Thistle. It only got bigger when I saw our group sitting there chatting and drinking and having a great time. Bigger still when I hugged and kissed my wife, without whose support I couldn't have completed my training for the patrol. Thanks, B.


Barkernews said...

Congrats, dude!
You earned it.
Welcome aboard.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, man. See you on the hill.

Jodie said...

Way to go!!! Keep smiling as the fun never ends. You SHOULD be proud of yourself, ALOT of hard work by you was done!!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks. Couldn't have done it without our great trainers, on the hill and off.

SixPeepsII said...

Strong work! I want one of those hats! I'll trade you a Keystone Avalanche Dog hat for one of those MHSP hats! ;)

Ghost Dog said...

You got a deal, if you're serious...