02 March 2007

Ski Day 16: AKA 'F-Around Friday: Gone Skiing Edition'

Morning at Meadows. Man, look at the snow!

Had a killer day today. Got up a little later than I'd planned, but it worked out perfectly. On the way up to Meadows, I saw one of the Ski Bowl lifties hitching on US26, so I pulled over and gave him a ride to the Bowl. I continued on a bit and realized I needed to chain up, so I pulled off and did so. The road was pretty well packed with snow.

I got up to Meadows probably around 8, which was right around when I wanted to. I got ready, put my excess stuff in a locker, and headed out. It was snowing kinda lightly at this point, but the snow would vary in volume and consistency throughout the day. I got over to 'MEX' a little early, however, so I stretched and waited with the gathering crowd. There were at least 50 people waiting when the lift finally opened to the public.

I made a handful of runs off 'MEX' and texted Ryan as to my expected whereabouts. The snow was awesome. I made fresh tracks on the steep drop to the right of the lift as you get off, and it was SWEET. Man, it's nice to free-ski. I got a text from Ryan with his whereabouts and when he was going to meet for his lesson, so I dropped on back to the base lodge area to see if I could catch up to him. He was just coming out of the North Lodge as I skied up to the lesson meeting area, so we chatted briefly and I went back to 'MEX' to ski some more. I ended up running into one of his co-workers (whom I'd met at the PIB last spring) and skiing a couple runs with him.

Who's a happy camper? Oh, that's right - ME. Skiing so totally kicks ass.

I made a few solo runs over off Shooting Star and dropped into Heather Canyon a few times. The pow was a little heavy, but smooth and deep and awesome. I was totally schralping some gnar out there, traversing high from the Memorial Bowl entry gate to make some fresh tracks, and later dropping low to get into Jack's Woods.

I met Ryan for lunch at the Finish Line in the North Lodge. His company had full run of the 3rd floor, so we hung out and ate on SuperSweetCo's dime (Ryan had cleared it with with the organizer of their outing - thanks, y'all). He was pretty beat from his morning snowboard lesson, but it sounded like he had fun, so hopefully he's hooked...

Pint of Snow Plow makes lunch even yummier. Neat Meadows logo glass.

Ryan shooting me shooting him @ lunch.

After lunch, it was back over to Star and more runs in the Canyon for a while, then I made more laps on 'MEX', dropping into 1 Bowl and 1 1/2 Bowl, and sneaking some tree-skiing in here and there. By 3:15, I was getting tired. I lost count of how many runs I made, but I was having a freakin' GREAT time.

Looking uphill on the Heather lift. Snow everywhere. Awesome.

I packed it in, hooked back up with Ryan to give him a lift off the mountain, gave some poor fella a jump-start since he left his lights on, and headed out.

Then one of my chains broke. Fortunately, it didn't tear anything up, but it was a pain in the ass getting the chains off on the side of the road just past where you turn off the Meadows road onto 35. Also fortunately, I didn't really need them. We were behind a pair of plows when it happened, and they were sanding the hell out of the road anyway. By the time we got to Snow Bunny, you could see bare pavement.

I dropped Ryan off with Brendle in ZigZag, since they were going to another friend's bachelor party at some cabin up near there. I was invited to join them, but had to decline since I'm shadowing at Timberline tomorrow with the patrol.

Best 'F-Around Friday' of all time.


Major Clanger said...

Hey! I was at Timberline on Saturday too, for the first time. How was your Saturday?

Ryan said...

Had fun. I am VERY sore today, and in places I didn't know I could be. :)

Ghost Dog said...

MC: Wish I'd have known you'd be there. Blog post coming...

R: Glad you had a good time.

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Ghost Dog said...

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