12 March 2007

I Am A Lame-Ass

Took today off to go skiing after dropping the missus off at the airport, but the skiing ain't happening. I'm beat after spending the weekend in Avalanche Training for the Patrol, and not getting much sleep Saturday night - lost an hour for the DST change, and interrupted twice because of my sis-in-law's bachelorette party (some of the girls in the group left purses at the house and ditched the group early, so had to come back and get their stuff - at 1:30am. Or was it 2:30?).

Plus, the weather sucks. Raining at all 3 areas. Now, I'm an east-coast product, which you can take to mean usually I don't give a shit about the weather when I have a chance to go skiing. But I'm just not feeling up to it today.

Which makes me a lame-ass.