27 March 2007

Highland Pub Stout Attack!

Stout lovers, I have great news! The McMenamins Highland Pub & Brewery in Gresham is having a Stout Attack. You can go there and get a sampler platter of 4 stouts for $7. And these aren't the tiny little taster glasses, either. I'm no glassware expert, so I'm not sure what they're called (tumblers?), but they looked to be 6-8 oz glasses.

Anyway, they have their regular stout - Terminator - as well as 3 others: a raspberry stout, a dry irish stout (on nitro), and a chocolate oatmeal stout.

I liked all of them, actually. The raspberry stout seemed a little acidic, but the aftertaste was pleasant, and seemed like it had a nutty character to it as well as the hint of raspberry. The irish I'd had before, and it is very smooth and tasty. Terminator is...well, it's Terminator. The chocolate oatmeal stout was my favorite of the bunch, nice and thick, and the chocolate tones are pretty subtle. I would love to try this on nitro.


Jeff Alworth said...

Wooooo, cool. I wonder if it's only at the Highland, or if I could find a closer locale. After all, you don't like a long drive staring you in the face as you contemplate four tasty stouts.

Ghost Dog said...

The way the tray liner looked (handwritten/photocopied), I got the impression it was just happening at the Highland.