08 March 2007

Highland Brewpub - The Other Gresham Brewpub

Forgot to blog about this last night. Too busy watching Lost, I suppose.

Anyway, the missus and I headed over to the Highland Pub & Brewery just down 182nd from where we are, for dinner last night. We'd been there a couple times before, but never really bothered to see what they had on tap besides the 'stock' McMenamins brews.

Last time out, they had an Irish Stout on nitro, which was tasty, but a little dry compared to most stouts you'll find. It was smooth, due in large part to being on nitro, but drinkable and tasty. I commented that they should have a Scotch ale on tap, it being the Highland brewpub after all.

This time, we went for dinner. Rebecca had the gyro, while I went with a whiskey-marinated chicken breast sandwich. Both were tasty (I stole a bite or several from hers), and I really liked the whiskey-marinated chicken. It wasn't overpowering at all, but not so subtle that it just tasted different.

And, they did indeed have a Scotch ale on tap, which of course I tried. Not as malty as Fearless', but I thought it was a nice representation of the style. Smooth, full-bodied, and strong (I think the chalkboard said 7.5% ABV), with a noticeable hop presence. There was something else there as well, and not having the discerning palate as most real beer bloggers, I couldn't tell you what it was. Maybe a peaty note or something. I liked it, but would rate it behind Fearless' scotch ale.

The great thing (or the thing that'll get me in trouble with my diet) is that nearby, there is a great barbecue place called Jazzy's, where they pour Alameda brews, usually the porter, wheat, IPA, and a seasonal. So if you don't feel like eating the usual McMenamins pub fare, just walk across the parking lot to Jazzy's, eat some kick-ass ribs, then wander back for post-meal brews at Highland.