17 February 2007

A Prisoner In My Own House

I've holed up in my computer room, so I'm safe for now. Thankfully, I can sneak into the kitchen and snag a beer if I need to, with little or no notice from the cackling hens that have invaded my home. Hopefully I can wait them out.

My wife is hosting a bridal shower for one of her sisters today, and since I was helping clean up the place, I didn't manage to escape with the dog before guests started arriving. So poor Pheebs is in her crate with a chew toy, and I'm barricaded in the computer room.

Great time to study for the trail map test I will most likely be taking tomorrow for the Ski Patrol.

Speaking of which, I should have gone skiing today, but the wife wanted me here to deal with the dog just in case. I'd have taken the pup with me, but I didn't want to have to coop her up in the Sorento while I skied.

Time for a beer run. Wish me luck. If I don't report in, send reinforcements.


LandS said...

Yeah, ain't it a bitch. I will try and sneak a beer for you however it will not be one of those good local beers you have there.

The truck is cool. Man that Allison transmission is not like any other automatic I have driven.

Ghost Dog said...

Awesome. Are you peeling out with all that power? :)

LandS said...

Naw just taking it easy for the first 500 to 1000 miles. I wrote to Wally that I could pull stumps in his yard from here and he worte back, ... stumps hell you could pull the whole house...

Well someting like that