06 February 2007

Personal Space

People all over the blogiverse have probably written about personal space violators in the workplace or wherever. Sometimes, you notice it in the fitness center locker room, and that annoys you.

Like today. I go in pretty early to work out, so there are few people in the gym as it is. I pick a locker that has empty ones on either side, so I'm not crowding anyone when it's time to shower and change. Being a fairly normal person (I think), I figure most folks probably do the same.

Lately, I'm being proven wrong on an annoyingly regular basis.

I wonder if they just don't notice the lock (some people at the gym don't use locks - puzzling), or they don't care. Perhaps they figure it won't bother anyone, since the user of the neighboring locker will probably be gone when they get back.

I try not to take up a lot of space when I'm changing, but I don't need somebody right in my face, especially when I'm clean and they aren't.


Barkernews said...

Nothing worse than getting stuck with some dude's hairy package in your grill as you're trying to get dressed.

Totally agree.

brando said...

It's most likely that he has a favorite locker, and just goes to that same spot without thinking.

Doesn't make it any better for you though.