22 February 2007

More from the WTF Files - Potatoes

I was Googling for a list of health benefits of fruits and vegetables, to see if I could find a list that says 'broccoli is good for this, green beans are good for that' and so on. I found this article near the top of my list, and saw something there that surprised me.

Potatoes are a source of Vitamin C.

Although some vegetables, especially potatoes, can be useful sources of vitamin C, it is fruit which, with the exception of the banana, provide most. The role of potatoes surfaces occasionally. They were credited with preventing
scurvy in Britain during WWII, and have recently again been credited (as fries) with a similar role among the poor of the United States.

Vitamin C is easily damaged by heat and oxygen, but deep frying prevents oxygen entry and so preserves the vitamin. The main sources are shown in the Table below. This vitamin is a main protector against "free radicals" generated all the time but especially by smoking, toxic substances, and
radiation and chemotherapy, which can oxidise critical cell components.

Never would have guessed that about potatoes. In fact, if someone had told me that, I'd have said they were putting me on. Especially if they'd told me that fries prevent Scurvy.

Oh, and this PDF is kinda what I was looking for.


tabitha jane said...

i actually found a book about that . . . it was awesome! but it was in germany (in english in someone's house) so i figured i could just find it here when i got back. nope.

Ryan said...

I now have my excuse to order that plate of chips next time I'm at the pub. :)