28 February 2007

Like A Kid In A Candy Store

Imagine my surprise and delight that there were 2 new leg machines in the on-campus fitness center when I got in this morning. A replacement of the aging leg extension machine, and a new leg curl machine where you get to lay down on your stomach and curl both legs at once (or one at a time) instead of standing and doing one at a time.

And it being a leg day to boot? Sweet. I actually ran out of time and didn't do the leg press this morning due in part to an early meeting, but mostly because I was too busy playing working on the new machines.

Haven't really worked the hamstrings in a while. They didn't cramp up on me, which is nice. I used to have a big problem with that.

Went a little harder on the elliptical today, too. 6105 strides, 605 calories, max heart rate 180 in 35 min (30 and a 5 min cool-down). Felt good. "Hurry Let's Go" by the Phenomenauts carried me thru the last sprint interval. Perfect beat for 230 strides/min.