21 February 2007

A Tad Heavier But Thinner

So I'm a couple pounds heavier than last week. No big deal, probably. 2 pounds isn't much to worry about.

Even less to worry about when considering the fact that I pulled in another notch on my belt last week and have managed to keep it there. It may not be long before I need to buy new pants because the ones I have will be all bunched up under the belt. Gotta keep after the diet. I cheated a little the last couple days because I passed my sled-handling test for the patrol. Got a little lazy last week, too.

Good workout today, though. Really kicked the last couple intervals into high gear and went over 310 strides/min on the final 30-second sprint on the elliptical. Put a little more weight on the leg press machine today, too. Quads will probably be a little sore tomorrow, but I like it. Tomorrow will be a core day. Might be time to add/change some exercises for that.


Kelly said...

Hey, remember muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are heavier on the scale but still notching in your belt, that means you've just put on muscle which makes you a calorie burning machine! It's good to let your body take a break too, so you don't hit a plateau too early. You should be darn proud of yourself! You're the man of muscle!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks. Like I've been saying - if I don't make 165, but I'm lean and fitting into 34s, I'll take that in a heartbeat.