02 February 2007

Groundhog Day

I hope the fat rodent is wrong with this early spring business. I want another nice long ski season where I'm on-snow all the way into August. Call me spoiled.

At the moment, I'm just hoping to be well enough to train with the Ski Patrol this weekend. Tomorrow's not looking good, as I'm still battling the flu/cold/whatever thing that got my temp up to 101+ the last couple days. Had the nice body aches and crushing sinus headaches too. Marvelous. The temp is back to normal now, and I've just got a stuffy nose and a cough. Light at the end of the tunnel? We'll see.

Hopefully, if I'm feeling at least okay tomorrow, I'll head up Sunday. This year, skiing outranks the Super Bowl, since I'm training with the patrol. Besides, I have last year's on TiVo, and between NFL Network and ESPN Classic, I'm getting to see the Super Steelers of the Seventies again and again. I'll TiVo the game anyway.

Oh, and for the record...Go Bears!


Ryan said...

Feel better man.

Major Clanger said...

We missed you at the Confusion Castle - come back soon! We resorted to giving you a new nick name...