17 February 2007

Gotta Love The Refund

I had to cut the "Power Wrap" strap off of one of my 13-year-old ski boots a few weeks back because the velcro had de-laminated from the strap itself, rendering it useless. I noticed the difference right away, but decided I didn't need to spend whatever it might cost for new ski boots just yet. Maybe I could make it through the season as-is.

The strap on the other boot has been looking pretty ragged of late as well. I wondered if it wouldn't be better to cut that one off, too. At least they'd be even.

But the strap isn't the worst of the problems with the old boots. The liners are pretty beat. Even with the buckles tightened as tight as I'm comfortable with, there's some slop in the toe area, and the heels slide around a little. Plus, there's no micro-adjustment on 3 of the 4 buckles, so I'm not really able to get them tightened just right.

So, since our tax refund was recently deposited in our account, it seemed like a good time to invest a chunk of it in replacing a vital bit of ski equipment. Last thing I need is banged-up feet and being uncomfortable the whole day while I'm trying to help people on the mountain.

With that in mind, I dropped in on Hillcrest Ski & Sports in Gresham and plunked down some dough on a pair of Nordica Beast 12s. After trying on some Technicas and Atomics (yuck - those Atomics felt awful), the guy who was helping me had me put the Beasts on my feet. They felt great! Very comfy, good flex, micro-adjustments on all 4 buckles, a nice wide booster strap on top, and they looked cool. Regular price was $499 (MSRP: $575), so I got a pretty good deal at $350. Here's some pics:

Old and busted. My 13-year-old Nordica Vertech 60s. Bought in Germany at the Garmisch AAFES sports store.

New hotness. My new wicked-comfy Nordica Beast 12s. Thanks, Uncle Sam. Or really, thank me for loaning the Gummint all that money interest-free...

I noticed that the new boots are 5mm longer than the old ones, so I pulled out the screwdriver, plopped the skis down on the carpet, and ratcheted the heels of my bindings back a few notches until the fit was right and stepped in. Click. Click.

Oh yeah.

I can't wait to ski in 'em tomorrow.


Ski Patroller StL said...

You're going to LOVE your new Beasts.

I demo'd a pair of 10s last winter, finally bought a pair of Solly's because of the pricing delta but man, those 10's were freaking awesome!

I think the 12's have a flex of around 100 so these puppies are going to love your feet and last forever.

Very cool!

LandS said...

There you go spending our adult daycare.

Enjoy. I still have the old Lange's from 90 something, maybe even 80 something.

brando said...

Those look fancy schmancy.

Ghost Dog said...

Touche, L and S. Hehe.