25 February 2007

Catching Up At The Rose & Thistle

After rushing off the mountain Saturday afternoon, we zipped on over to meet super pals Ryan & Kelly and Miranda & Brian at the Rose & Thistle. We were later than expected because it took forever to get my map test checked off at the Rat after the day's work patrolling @ Ski Bowl. Anyway, we had a great time chatting with R&K and M&B, and seem to have plans fairly well penciled in for another St. Patrick's Day at the R&T. Sounds like we may check out the new Belmont Station as well.
The missus and I both had the meatloaf with some really tasty squash & zucchini, and I had a couple pints of Fearless' Scotch Ale, since they had it on tap. The conversation was as great as the food, drifting from me talking a little about patrolling and where I'm at in my progression, to BSG, Lost, movies, Star Trek, driving, and more. Had a great time, but I was so beat from the day on the mountain that I probably wasn't as into it as I could have been.