19 January 2007

Some New Brews @ Main Street Ale House

The missus and I went to dinner tonight at the Main Street Ale House in Gresham. We hadn't been there in a while, and I was curious to see what new beers they'd have, in addition to my hankerin' for their flatiron steak.

The one on the seasonals list that immediately caught my eye was the Piper Down Scottish Ale. Marked at 8.6% ABV, and boasting roasty malty goodness, I couldn't possibly pass it up. It was a nice dark brown ale, smooth and malty, and with very obvious smoky and peaty tones. It was almost like mixing a brown ale with a really peaty Islay single-malt scotch. It took a little getting used to, but I enjoyed it.

There was also a Dry Irish Stout on the list, which we also tried. It was smooth and full-bodied, but a little more bitter/hoppy than I like my stouts. I think they hit what they were aiming for, as it did indeed have a noticeably dry finish.

They were out of the India Brown Ale, which I was interested in, and it sounds like they weren't going to brew it again. The description on their menu indicated it was an experiment anyway.

We also sampled their Belgian Trippel. Not having had a wide variety of these, I don't have much to judge it against. It was kind of sweet and tart, with a light kind of fruity/sugary finish. Rebecca liked it a lot, and I enjoyed it as well, but I couldn't say with any certainty whether it's a good Trippel.


Ryan said...

Trippels are a bit 'tricky'... you either like/love Belgians or you don't. I've always had mixed feeling about them, until recently... they take some getting used to but they're pretty good. I still prefer a good stout or lager over most Belgian ales, but the Chimay stuff is pretty delicious.