16 January 2007

Snow Day Afternoon

Drove to the Safeway at 182nd & Powell and back this afternoon (needed some kitty litter and other stuff), which I think is maybe 4 miles round-trip. The roads are all white, packed down pretty hard now, making it a little slick. I didn't chain up, and made it fine with only a little slide coming out of the Safeway parking lot. I was trying to gauge how slick it really was, so I hit the brakes a little harder than I had been and slid about a foot or so. No big deal.

Saw several cars banged up on the side of the road, but no major accidents. The missus just got home and said 181st from I-84 to here was a mess. Said there was a semi jack-knifed and blocking things up.


brando said...

Nice and snowy. What's with the pic change? This new look seems more reasonable and adult.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks for not saying "old".

Once I become a full-fledged ski patroller, it'll probably be me in a Steelers cap and my patrol jacket. Or in my patrol jacket holding up a Terrible Towel. Or in my patrol jacket, with an Arsenal scarf, Pirates cap, and Terrible Towel.

Might be pushing it there.