23 January 2007

Finally Got Back To The Gym

I'd skipped all of last week's workouts, what with the snow-days and the taking Monday off and all that, but finally got to the gym this morning. I was feeling guilty about it, but haven't been eating poorly to make things worse, so that's good. Did the interval course on the elliptical, not only changing ramp angle but speeding up on the steeper ramp. Felt good, and the readout at the end indicated some 5100+ strides and over 530 calories burned.

Didn't do much on the weights because (surprise) the train arrived late and I ran out of time. Still, a little arm work and 4 sets on the leg press felt good.

I'm not keeping to the diet as strictly as I had been, so I haven't lost any more weight. I'm holding at around 175, but I'm a little more focused on the fact that I'm still on that 5th hole on my belt. I think I'm getting close to pulling it in to the 6th. Not having measured it, I'm not sure if that also means I'm close to fitting into 34" waist pants, but that's where I'd like to be before, say, the end of March.

The right knee's been bugging me, though, as has the lower back. I may end up skipping a week of ski patrol training if it gets too uncomfortable, but I'd rather finish it up and get signed off sooner. If it gets to the point where I think I'd end up hurting it on the hill, I'll back off. I'd hate to end up a casualty in my Apprentice year. I haven't put the knees through this much work in a long time. I'm already 10 days on snow plus the workouts, which is more than I can say for any season since '88-'89.


Tanya Kristine said...

i started wroking out over a month ago. at first i gained a pound ad then my clothes simply stayed tight which pissed me off becuase i could've had the exact same results, eating and drinking beer. now over a month later i've lost 4 pounds (not much) but i can see my toes... : )