05 January 2007

F-Around Friday: End Of Cahrrr Pahrrr Edition

So this week's edition is mostly for my fellow Steelers fans, but here goes anyway.

Bill Cowher, the Steelers' head coach for the last 15 years is calling it quits today. I had hoped to find some clips on YouTube of him throwing challenge flags, yelling at refs or players with the spit flying, or at least the one of him stuffing the photo into referee Gordon McCarter's shirt pocket in 1995.

The best I could do for you is some youngster quoting Coach Cowher's pep talk before Super Bowl XL. It's kinda cute.

Y'know, I was hoping that he wouldn't decide to pack it in after an 8-8 season. It's been a total let-down from last year's championship season, especially since we didn't really lose any critical links in the chain. But factoring in some key pre-/early-season injuries, the slow development of Santonio Holmes, and the poor Special Teams play/coaching, I guess it's not too much of a surprise they didn't repeat.

But we did get the best possible scenario not involving the playoffs - eliminating a bitter rival from playoff contention on the final game of the regular season. Makes the pill a little easier to swallow. If only they'd played Batch against the Raiders...or if we could have figured out the Ravens...

Sigh...there's always next year. Wonder who we're gonna draft...