20 December 2006

Rosie, Just Shut The Frak Up

Well, it is a free country, and she is entitled to her stupid opinion, I suppose.

Glad I don't watch The View. I might have had to replace a damaged TV. What an insensitive discussion to have on a national TV show. I hope Jay, Dave, Conan, etc. have more class than that.

I overheard someone Sunday at the mountain saying that climbing was "a stupid way to die." I think if I hadn't been wearing a cross I might have said something or perhaps given them a faceful of snow courtesy of a precisely-timed skidded turn.

I might have said, "being an asshole is a stupid way to live."


brando said...

It's it nice how folks pounce on the tragedy of a complete stranger as a way to make themselves feel superior? "I'm alive, you're dead, na-na-nana-na. Therefore I am unarguably smarter."

That's just great.