14 December 2006

Perils Of A Free Fitness Center

Free is a very good price for working out. There are, of course, some things you have to accept that you probably wouldn't expect - or perhaps put up with - if you were a paying customer at a gym.

Now, I love that we have a fitness center on-campus here at CompuHyperGlobalMegaNet, and that I can work out pretty much whenever I want. The selection of weight machines is pretty limited, however, and some of the exercise bikes look like they've been around since before the campus was built. There are some new machines, so it's not like the place is in the dark ages.

And it's relatively clean, too. They do a reasonable job of maintaining the place, even in the current climate of spending cuts and all that.

But they've completely mis-timed the (much-needed) repair of the pads on the older machines. At least from the customer perspective. Christmas week would have been perfect, because this place is pretty much a ghost town that week. Nobody'd be inconvenienced in the least if all the pads were removed for repair for a few days that week.

Instead, they chose this week. Like nobody would be in there trying to work themselves hard before the holiday so they don't feel bad about slacking on their workout while they're off work and gorging themselves on all the awesome holiday deliciousness.

I suppose it makes sense to do it before the holiday, anyway. I mean, after New Years', everybody and their co-worker is going to hit the gym for the first few weeks of the year, owing either to guilt over the gluttony or a resolution they made.

I had to alter my planned workout today, which was a little disappointing at first, but ended up being kinda fun. Did a little longer on the stair machine, then worked the arms/shoulders with some free weights, and finished up with some lunges. I was going to do some bounding tucks, but ran out of time. Oh well.

I should quit griping about it. It could be worse. I could be stuck on Mt. Hood like those 3 missing climbers, with conditions worsening. Man, I hope they survive.


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh, I totally hear that. There are only 3 decent treadmills in there and it sucks when those are all full along with the ellypticals which seems to be the case everytime I go in there at around 2pm. I think we all suffer from the guilt, but I cannot resist those almond Hershey kisses.. mmmm delicious. Or the Egg Nog Lattes at Starbucks. Filled with calories and fat, but so delicious. Of course I too will be one of those to hit the Gym full force in January and continue to battle the, who's on the treadmill first.... and, how long are they going to be? How much time do they have left? Kill time on the archaic stationary bicycles waiting to jump on the next free decent machine.

I too feel for the friends and families of those missing on Mt. Hood. Scary conditions there, keeping positive thoughts that they are found soon.

Ghost Dog said...

One of the reasons I go as early as I do - no waiting on the 'good' machines.

Brando said...

When I saw that stuff on the news about Hood, I thought of you.