06 December 2006

Out Of The Fog...And Back To Work

Well, I would say it's nice to be back at work again, after being out the last 4 work days.

Okay, I will. It is nice. Beats being in a sinus-pressure-and-cold-meds-induced fog. 200 e-mails notwithstanding.

Perhaps going up to the mountain on Saturday for FRT wasn't the best move, but I did feel halfway decent on Saturday. Figured I was on the down side of it.

It was more like the eye of a hurricane. And the second half of it was worse than the first. The part that's bugging me most, however, is the fact that I haven't worked out since last Wednesday. I got a little exercise on Saturday, but nothing since. And I won't get the chance tomorrow.

Oh well. I'll hit the gym Friday, chill Saturday, and drag a toboggan all over Timberline on Sunday. That'll get me back on track, I think.

I could do without the high-pitched squeeeeeeeeeee of my sinus pressure straining to equalize after every time I blow my nose, however. Or the cause to blow my nose at all, for that matter.


brando said...


I've got the squee too.

LandS said...

Now I know how I got my cold. The thing I don't understand is how you gave it to me.

Ghost Dog said...

Heh. Must have been that last e-mail. But my virus scanner said it was clean! Maybe you got it for spending my inheritance on your Caribbean trip. Vengeance is mine! :)