19 December 2006

More Photos From Sunday @ Timberline

Since JG was snapping pictures as well, and because I love me some me, here are some more photos from Sunday.

Am I really that self-absorbed? Narcissistic? Maybe. Isn't that the whole point of this blog thing? "Here's what I do/think/etc." Eh, whatever. On to the photos.

WARNING: JG's got a pretty high-res camera, so some of the pictures are huge files.

Patroller Gerry and I talking about the SAR operations. I'm pretty sure I'm looking at one of the aircraft involved. Probably the C-130. Just look at that sky. Great weather to be on the hill.

Glamor shot of me with an empty sled. I smile a lot when I ski, for obvious reasons.

Running JG in the sled, getting ready for some steep stuff over on Molly's Run. I suppose I'm doing a good job driving if he's comfy enough to be snapping photos...

Uploading the sled on Molly's Express. This is where you gotta love the high-speed detachable quad chairlifts - the chairs slow down in the loading and unloading area, so you have all kinds of time to align the sled and get the bracket in a good position to catch the chair.


LandS said...

It might be a hi-res camera but when posted they are 320x240. When I tried to post a large, 17xx by xxxx, blogger said NO WAY.

Nice pix though. Thanks for sharing.

Ghost Dog said...

Did you click on the photos themselves? That should open the full-size photo.

Maybe I should say that, but pretty much every photo I post links to a full-size counterpart.

LandS said...

No I didn't click on the pix. I just looked at it's poperties. The full size, dbl click on pix, is LARGE.