23 December 2006

An Evening At The Power Station

Finally got all my Christmas shopping done yesterday, and to celebrate that as well as the end of the work week, we linked up with super-awesome pals R & K at the Power Station pub over at McMenamins Edgefield. I don't think I'd been back there since 2000, which is kind of odd since it's so close to us. Anyway, we decided to go a little earlier than we'd planned, so we could get a table and chill before R & K showed up. Apparently, that was their plan as well, and we couldn't have missed each other by much. I'd just sent Ryan a text message after we sat down and ordered drinks, and they'd just sat down at their table when Ryan checked his phone and saw my text.

Anyway, we had a great time with them like we always do. Besides the great conversation, the evening was highlighted by Dickens carolers and some really great beer. Here's a poorly-taken camera-phone shot of the carolers:

[Click to enlarge]

After we ate dinner, we headed up the hill to the Distillery Bar for more drinks and conversation. Here's what I remember of the beers we had:

On Nitro at the Power Station, they had a Copper Alt. This was a very smooth ale, perhaps owing to the fact that it was on nitro, but it was a very drinkable alt-style ale that had - as you might have guessed - a nice coppery color to it. It tasted like a kind of thick amber ale with a nice balance between the barley malt and the hops. Not too bitter, I'd say medium-bodied.

Also at the Power Station, they had a Nut Brown ale, which I would liken to Newcastle. Very smooth, with a hint of something I couldn't place. I had 2 pints of this one - I liked it a lot.

I had a taste of Ryan's ESB, which was pretty good. They had it on Nitro up at the Distillery Bar, and it was even better up there. I had a couple pints of that up there after a pint of Terminator stout. I haven't had a lot of ESBs, so I don't have a good frame of reference. It was colored much like an amber ale, not as dark as the Copper Alt, medium-bodied, with a hoppy but not too bitter taste. In each case (except the Terminator), we lamented the fact that the best brews are seasonals, and in some cases you may never see them again.

R&K also came bearing gifts, which was a pleasant surprise and made us feel bad in the same instant, 'cause we didn't get them anything. I take back what I said about being finished with Christmas shopping! :)

They brought me two very interesting-looking bottles of Brown Ale. One is called Bear Republic Tribute Ale Brown, which looks to be a tribute to their Sales Manager Pete Brown, who passed away in 2002. The other is Warm Welcome Nut Browned Ale from Ridgeway Brewing in the UK. I'll try 'em out Christmas Day.

They brought B a cool-looking candle-lantern that looks kind of like a gazebo. Really neat looking metal and glass deal. Can't wait to see it lit up. Hopefully B will light it up sometime today.

Now, what to get those two...


Ryan said...

no no, you need not get us anything. Thanks for hangin. I finally got around to posting about it (you know me lately, there's a larger than normal delay between an event and a post). Merry Christmas you guys.

Kelly said...

I second that comment. Please do not worry about getting us anything at all :) We so appreciate your friendship and I just love to shop and shopping for other people is my specialty. It makes me delighted to see others open up gifts. So you made my Christmas even more special :). Besides I still have your 80's trivia game and need to get that back to you soon, but for now it's getting good use! :) We love you guys and wish you both a wonderful New Year.

Ghost Dog said...

Hehe...you guys rule. And you know all that don't-you-worry-about-us business is just going to egg us on. :)

We may have to come steal our game back for New Year's Eve...