29 December 2006

Chunk 'n' Junk At Ski Bowl

Maybe you have a better term for it. Basically, the upper bowl was a mix of windpack, dust-on-crust, crust-over-dust, and some ice mixed in for good (ha!) measure.

The photo-ops made up for it, though. And I did manage to find some smooth windpack on the leeward side of the ridge that separates Cliffhanger from the upper part of Bob Strand's Downhill. Calamity was in pretty decent shape, too, and I found a few nice lines in the trees to the skier's right. But anything that wasn't groomed on the east side of the upper bowl was Chunk 'n' Junk.

Not much else to say other than I had a good day of freeskiing today, and I saw one of my OEC classmates and another patroller on the hill. Oh, and thank you to my in-laws for the new ski socks and the jacket!

On to the photos...they're pretty much all of Mt. Hood.

Mt. Hood, during my first run. Taken from where No Surprise and Broadway merge, over by the Multorpor chair.

Later in the day, about 1:20pm. Nice little cloud hat forming over the mountain. Taken from atop a big rock near the top of Pizzaz.

Wouldn't be a Ghost Dog photo post without a panorama. I took 3 today, but I liked this one best. Almost 180 degrees of Awesome, from Mt. Hood to Mt. Jefferson. Taken from the same spot as the previous shot.

Didn't take long for the weather to come in. About 10 minutes, in fact. Time for a beer anyway.

A shot inside the Historic Warming Hut. I disobeyed Pitr the Mad Czech and had a Black Butte Porter instead. But I did ski fast - where appropriate.

Tomorrow will be another ski day, the last for 2006 for me. I'll be shadowing with the ski patrol. Have a safe and Happy New Year, everyone!