09 December 2006

Bloghopping and The Brilliance Of 'Marmaduke'

So, I was out bloghopping and found a link to The Best Blogs of 2006 That You (Maybe) Aren't Reading, and saw the link to Joe Mathlete Explains Today's Marmaduke.

Okay, while Family Circus is kinda retarded (I used to think it was funny a long time ago - not anymore), don't go harshing Marmaduke. Having owned a Great Dane (rest in peace, old boy), the strip is actually pretty funny. Certainly more understandable. The people who don't get it are probably either 'cat people' or cats. Or perhaps self-important highbrow types.

I guess ol' Marm is like golf on TV. Boring as watching paint dry unless you've experienced it. I hated watching golf on TV until I played some golf. While I don't sit glued to the Masters or anything, I watch a little here and there and kind of enjoy it because I understand just how hard it is to do some of the stuff the pros make look routine.