09 December 2006

Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We got our tree today. Here's before and after shots, and one of Pheebs just being Pheebs. We did some other decorating, too.

Not too shabby for ten bucks.

All dressed up. Note the 3 generations of Enterprises. Yeah, we're dorks.

Phoebe, with the head-tilt and the looking cute and the retina reflection.


brando said...

That's a good looking tree. Dorks is all good. You posted something earlier about a well trimmed beard being a "Riker Beard", and I knew exactly what you meant.

I think I have a bit of a "Cardassian Neck". Either that or a "Salacious Crumb Laugh". Um, no, now I got it. I have an "Enterprise Doctor Haircut". Not Wesley's mom. The old sucky one. The lady from Murder She Wrote. I was glad when she left the show. I think Worf killed her and the rest of the crew just let it slide.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks for the tree-props, Brando-san.

Agree with you on the fate of the non-Crusher Enterprise-D doctor.