01 November 2006

Workout's Still Workin'

One of the reasons nobody who sees me on a regular basis thinks I'm overweight is that I hide it well. I use the ol' pull-the-shirt-out-just-far-enough-that-you-can't-see-my-belt trick. Plus, I hold my gut in a bit, but that's not just for vanity's sake (so I tell myself) - it's also to help burn a few extra calories during the day.

I still do the hold in my gut thing (abdominal isometrics, right?), but I'm not pulling my shirt out very far anymore. Just enough that I can move around comfortably without feeling the shirt pull.

Weight: 183. Slow progress if you look only at the weight, but I know I'm making more progress than that. I pulled in another notch on my belt, too. I'm on the 5th hole from the end. I started this thing on the 3rd hole. They're roughly an inch apart. Can't be too unhappy about losing 2" around the middle in 6 or so weeks.

I'm fasting today for my blood test, which I will take in a few hours. Cruel that yesterday was Halloween and I could smell all that yummy candy as the kiddies came by. Crueler still that we had leftover candy. Even worse than that is that everybody and their dog brought their leftovers to work. Yummy chocolatey goodness all around. None for me, thanks.



Ryan said...

Excellent work my friend! Now, let's hope the tests come back with the message "you may now have a couple beers". :)

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks. I'm having a beer Saturday at least, regardless of whether I hear back from the Doc or not. :)

Barkernews said...

Keep it up, dude!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks. I'm really pleased with the results so far, even if the weight isn't dropping quickly. I've noticed a need to dial up the resistance on the elliptical/stair machine to keep my heart rate up around that 85% mark, so that's encouraging, as is adding weight to my lifting stuff. Would love to get to the point where I'm leg-pressing 3x my body weight.