29 November 2006


Lately, I've noticed that I've plateau'd somewhat in my quest to get fit. I'm noticing only small improvements in few areas, and my weight has pretty much stuck at 178-180. I wasn't as sore as I expected after Sunday's trip to the mountain, but my right knee was bugging me just enough to get me to skip Monday's workout.

No worries, I thought, I'll just work a little harder the rest of the week.

Hm. That's becoming a theme. No, more like a disturbing trend. Ever since I got my blood work back telling me my liver numbers are fine, I've loosened up my food selection and started drinking beer again. I told myself it would be fine because I'm working out. I'm still on that 5th belt notch, so it's not getting worse, but I'm not making progress either. I skipped a lot of workouts last week for the holiday (another rationalization), but I did try not to eat so much on Thanksgiving.

This week, I told myself I needed to get back on track, but twice already I've rationalized getting fast-food by telling myself, 'Hey, I can cheat a little - I'm working out.'

Bad me. I know.

On the plus side, I got a little creative in the gym today. We have one of those assisted-dip/chin machines, where you can add weight to reduce the amount of work required to do the dips or chin-ups. The dip handles are spaced just about the same as the handles on the ski patrol's rescue sleds, and you can put enough weight on to where you have to pull up on the handles to push the weight down instead of using it as a counterweight. This is a pretty useful exercise for ski patrolling, since it simulates pulling up on the sled handles to disengage or reduce the drag on the chain brake. Kinda cool.