16 November 2006

Ramblin' Man

Nearly pointless, but I feel like it, so here:

The damn MAX train arrived late today. AGAIN. It's happened 3 more times since I sent the complaint in (PoPT, Part X). Complaint #2 sent to TriMet.

Had to cut the workout a little short due to the late arrival, but that turned out to be fine by me, since I ended up pinching a nerve or something in my neck. It hurts a lot on the back right side of my neck when I turn my head to the left or look straight up, and I can feel the pain radiating down my right arm. Marvelous. Never do the overhead press angry, folks.

Got a message in my inbox yesterday from the head ski patrol sled-training guru. We start this weekend! I'm so jacked up, I could hardly sleep last night. I'll be on the hill Sunday for the first time for the '06-'07 season, continuing my quest for a Mt Hood Ski Patrol cross. Hopefully my neck will feel better.

Like, totally - the missus and I are joining some friends for the '80s Video Dance Attack at Lola's Room at the Crystal on Friday night. Should be a tubular good time. Maybe I'll have a chance to go get some Vans shoes, a black shirt, and a thin piano-keys tie. For sure!

Jeff Fisher, I like your style. Too bad the NFL doesn't appreciate you publicly slagging its referees. Even if they deserve it.


brando said...

Ohhhh, yes. This is a topic I have a pretty good opinion about. Well, I don't know if it's good, but it's mine.

Complaining about officials is pretty weak. Of the thousands of things that happen in a game, focusing on what the officials are doing isn't productive. As fans we often boo the officials as they make correct calls against our team. It shouldn't even be viewed as "against", but rather simple enforcement of the agreed rules.

If a ref makes a bad or debatable call, I just consider it a part of the game. Like a bad bounce. I don't think of the refs as having a "performance", but rather as parts of the field.

When a coach talks about it after a game, to my ears it sounds like "The sun was in my eyes." or "The grass was wet.

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, I consider it part of the game, too. And, once I've considered the evidence, I'll agree with correct calls "against" my teams. But I love it when the coaches who know they've taken one up the ass from the refs don't give a shit if they get fined for saying so.

If you saw the replays of the fumble from the Titans-Ravens game, you'd know this wasn't a correct call that went "against" Fisher's team, but rather a horribly botched piece of officiating.

I think anything a person does that relies on their training or abilities constitutes a performance. Comparing that to field conditions, in my mind, is like comparing apples to things that aren't even fruit. You can't control it, but it isn't simply an environmental factor that nobody has control of.

I say coaches/players/fans have every right to bitch about it, if the calls were botched. But, they shouldn't blame the loss on it.

Ghost Dog said...

Also, when the teams that have the opportunity to overcome officiating errors fail to do so, then they should STFU.

A good example of a team that did overcome a zebra blunder is last season's Steelers in the Indy playoff game. The Polamalu INT that was overturned (NFL head zebra later said they botched it) could have turned the game around, but the Steelers didn't let it knock them off their game.

brando said...

Yeah, I can see the difference too. I guess its just better for my mental health if I dont focus on what the refs are doing. I also know that I wouldnt be able to see the stuff they do. They are really amazing when you think about it. I keep that in mind when I talk about em. I think that sharpshooting refs is just an extention of our desire to pull down our betters.

Youre right about playing better. My old high school coach said "Good playing will overcome bad officiating."

Sometimes players get so wrapped around the axle about a tough call, that they actually forget to play the game.