09 November 2006

Patience, Luke...

Finally got an e-mail from the ski patrol First Responder Training coordinator - we're starting that up in December. Woohoo! I'm so stoked. Too bad the base depth at the lodge at Timberline is only 4".

Come on, Mother Nature - get your ass in gear and get the snow going up there. I wanna ski before Thanksgiving.

Deep breaths. Stay patient.

Easier said than done. With the avy class the other night, and a 'work party' for the patrol coming up, I'm just getting more and more impatient for the snow to start coming down and to resume my training with the patrol.

Workout update: Still going. Down to 178 pounds now, and some days it seems like I could pull the belt in another notch. Haven't heard back from the doc on the latest blood tests, so it's either taking longer than usual, or it's good news which should come in the mail, rather than the bad news he prefers to deliver by phone.

I bought a 6-pack of Widmer's Snow Plow Milk Stout (yum!) over the weekend, and have had one so far. Probably drink a beer a week or so for now, see how that goes.