13 November 2006

Marching With The 2-Tone Army

The missus and I hit the Toasters show at Rock 'n' Roll Pizza last night. She was feeling tired, but was a real trooper and hung in there with me. I owe her big, as I know ska isn't her favorite genre, and the crowd at ska shows seems to just keep getting younger and younger.

Oh wait - we're getting older.

Well hell, I don't care anyway. The Toasters have been doing their thing a long time, so it's not really like I'm trying too hard to stay young or anything. I just like to see my favorite band live and in-person sometimes, y'know? I have to admit I was feeling a little self-conscious about being very probably the oldest guy on the floor. There were older folks at the bar, but they didn't stray onto the floor.

Bucket and the guys put on a great show, for such a small venue and crowd. Seemed like more people were on the floor for the Phenomenauts, who were the 2nd band. A group called the Nekronots opened up, but we got there late (on purpose, I didn't care much about the other bands), so I missed them. Anyway, the Toasters' lineup was quite different from the last time I'd seen them, but they still sounded great. I think the horns are missing that extra punch without a trumpet, but the t-bone and sax sounded good. They played a good mix of their stuff from the East Side Beat days to their newest stuff like You're Gonna Pay. Threw in some DLTBGYD and Dub 56, too. I wish they'd done Run Rudy Run or Enemy of the System, but you can't win 'em all. Took me a while to loosen up and dance, but I needed to, since I skipped my workout...

The Phenomenauts went on before the Toasters, and, um...they're weird. Good showmen, to be sure, and they had that really odd space-cadet kind of look with uniforms and odd eyewear. One guy had this weird kinda helmet thing on. The bass player played a stand-up bass, which you wouldn't expect for a punk-ish type band. Actually, their sound almost defies description. It's like punk mixed with ska mixed with new-wave mixed with surf music mixed with old-time rock 'n' roll. Interesting. The keyboardist had a kind of mad-scientist sort of look, and even brought out this modified leaf-blower that blasted toilet paper off a roll hooked to the end of it. They were definitely having fun not taking themselves seriously and that translated into some really good energy with the crowd.

Anyway, despite Rebecca not being totally into it, I had a good time and managed to burn some calories in the process. Not a bad evening for $10 apiece, even if there was some dumbass who seemed bent on knocking down the younger kids who were dancing their asses off in the front.


Barkernews said...

Didn't see you at the Ski Patrol meeting. Everything OK?
You didn't miss much.
BTW NoPoGirl and I watched Talledega Nights over the weekend. It was awesome.

Ghost Dog said...

Heh, no, nothing's wrong with 'Mister-I-never-miss-a-ski-patrol-thing'. :)Everything is fine. I just decided to skip the patrol meeting in favor of seeing my all-time favorite band.

Cool. Talledega Nights is on my to-watch list.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the toasters have been around since 1981 . . . haven't seen alot of them around lately, but that show with The Phenomenauts and The Nekronotz was awesome. Too bad you didn't get to see (or chose to see) the first two bands and that you didnt quite understand the Phenomenauts thing. Both the opening bands are VERY well known for a type of music called Psychobilly, also known as Punkabilly. Yes, it is a real genre. It combines the rockabilly of the 50's and 60's with the old school punk and some ska of the late 70's and early 80's and mixes it with a modern touch. Both bands put on an awesome show, highly energetic, and very enjoyable, not to mention catchy tunes. You should check them out sometime. As for the toasters, yeah, they lack the horn punch without a trumpet.

Anonymous said...

Found your "blog" recently and decided to comment since I'm probably the guy you referred to as "the dumbass knocking the kids down" for "dancing". Being a ska/reggae lover, I kinda know a thing or two about skanking the night away. But skipping around in a circle, banging people and throwing 'bows around? C'mon. I thought the Carcass concert was across the street.

I was more suprised at the low turnout for this show. A kick ass WORLDWIDE known ska band for 10 bucks? Unbelievable...

Ghost Dog said...

By your comment, I bet you weren't the dumbass. This guy was, as you put it, "throwing 'bows". The youngsters were just dancing, albeit rather oddly, but this meathead was trying to slam-dance them.